The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI), the trade association representing the North American glass container industry, has unveiled its new website:

The updated site offers useful content for consumers, public policy officials and GPI’s membership. Specifically, the site includes detailed information on the health and environmental benefits of glass containers, images of the latest product designs and detailed specifications for glass manufacturers.

Additionally, the homepage includes several dynamic features, such as the latest glass-focused news, snapshots of GPI’s individual members and content from the association’s Twitter feed (@ChooseGlass).

The site is divided into several sections, including GPI general and member-specific information, recycling information for consumers and businesses, an interactive locator to find the nearest glass manufacturing plant, suppliers and cullet processors, glass industry resources, and the latest glass advocacy information on the federal and state levels.

“Glass packaging plays a key role in our everyday lives, and it is important for users to quickly and easily find the information they need. We want to ensure our content stays timely, relevant and accurate. Our new website is our opportunity to achieve this goal,” said GPI President, Lynn Bragg.

“This site will be a vehicle for our members to engage their employees and customers, and a resource for consumers, state and federal legislators, media and others to gain important information on the health and environmental benefits of choosing glass.”

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