End of Waste Foundation (EOW) and Rocky Mountain Bottle Company have entered into a partnership.

The collaboration will combine EOW’s blockchain technology software with Rocky Mountain’s desire to manufacture more recycled glass cullet into new bottles.

Rocky Mountain has joined Momentum Recycling in partnering with EOW to create a circular economy in Colorado and ensure that the glass-recycling loop is closed.

Glass cullets from Momentum are sent to Rocky Mountain and are made into glass bottles for MillerCoors.

The EOW Blockchain Waste Traceability Software (BWTS) tracks glass waste quantities from bin to new life.

Bill Dillaman (above left), Plant Manager of Rocky Mountain, said: “Rocky Mountain Bottle Company is excited to be a partner with the End of Waste Foundation in their innovative efforts to increase glass recycling in Colorado.

As a glass container manufacturer that is looking for opportunities to increase the amount of clean cullet that we can use in our furnaces, we want to do our part to support this initiative and take advantage of the closed-loop system that we have in this area.”

John Stefanescu (above right), Co-founder & Chief Traceability Officer of End of Waste, added: “We are excited to onboard partners like Rocky Mountain Bottle Company and Momentum Recycling.

“What we are proposing is a new way of looking at the industry, a change in paradigm, which will determine a new set of actions that will create a shift in the system.

“It’s our goal to have traceability and transparency in the recycling system become the norm, so we appreciate them seeing the advantages in our programme.”