A free webinar focused on Glass Recycling takes place on Tuesday.

Three speakers will each provide 20 minute presentations on topics about this sector of the glass industry.

Scott DeFife, President of the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI), will speak about Impact and Policy Implications for US Glass Recycling from COVID-19.

Steve Whettingsteel, CEO, Krysteline Technologies, will discuss 'A sustainable glass recycling strategy which considers ALL glass, not just cullet.'

The third speaker is Ricardo Garza, Supply North Region Director of Strategic Materials.

The webinar takes place at 3pm BST on Tuesday June 23. More information via https://www.glass-internationa...

The recycling webinar is the latest in a summer of seminars planned by Glass International. A webinar will take place on Tuesday June 30 focused on LUBRICATION IN GLASSMAKING.

Speakers in this webinar will be Condat, Xpar Vision and Interglass.

*The latest Glass International webinar is now available to watch, free of charge, via https://www.glass-internationa...

The webinar, titled Energy Efficiency in Glassmaking, included two presentations from VP Instruments and Vertech'.

In a webinar poll, participants were asked what is the biggest challenge facing the glass manufacturing industry.

A total of 41% respondents answered decarbonisation, 39% answered the Covid-19 crisis, 15% answered energy prices and 5% answered competitor materials.