The Czech Republic’s Glass Service celebrated its 30th anniversary on March 1.

Glass Service and its affiliated companies FlammaTec, FlammaTec Germany, F.I.C. (UK) Limited, F.I.C. Germany, Augmented Sensors and Systems (A-SENS) provide consulting and engineering services to the global glass industry.

GS is a provider of CFD modeling of furnaces, simulation software and glass defect analysis.

The Expert System ESIIITM, NIR camera systems and visual information analysis are standards of modern furnace operations.

A-SENS develops advanced electronics and sensors for a new generation of control systems.

The engineering services include low emissions and energy efficient combustion systems delivered by FlammaTec in combination with electric melting systems and furnaces supplied by F.I.C. (UK).

Recently, GS, FlammaTec and F.I.C. responded to carbon free energy requirements with a novel concept of high capacity electric boosting and a pure Hydrogen Combustion approach.

GS was originally founded with four partners in 1990 that grew into the multinational corporate group providing services to glass industry customers worldwide. It has a team of more than 100 employees which operate from nine countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. It is also available throughout an agency network in additional countries and territories.