Glass Service's (GS) Expert System III (ES III) has become a leading supervisory model- based predictive control for furnaces and forehearths, which helps bring Industry 4.0 to life.

Many major float, container and fiber glass producers have implemented ES III as their standard for improved furnace control.

It provides stability and improved quality, aiming for 2-3% energy cost savings, plus CO2 and NOx emission reduction, with a return on investment (ROI) of about 6 months.

Especially during COVID-19, with low operator and engineering personnel in attendance, the ES III has contributed to keep all systems running in optimal automatic mode without risk of exposure to the virus.

The GS-ASENS NIR furnace camera can monitor a glass furnace with specialized Artificial Intelligent software analyzing what is going on in your furnace and inform ES III to take actions if needed.

Even with this past year’s travel restrictions GS was able to realise about 40 new installations worldwide, reaching now a total of 290 installations.

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