Glass Service has renewed its image and invested in research and new technology, as well as a new website,

The new website is made up of sectors where visitors and clients can look for what they need to create glass furnaces for container glass, neutral and borosilicate glass.

Customers can also search for other types of furnace equipment, such as Forehearths & Distributors Combustion Systems, Oxy-Gas Combustion Systems, Furnace Melting Combustion, Water-Cooled Bubbling Systems, as well as Furnace Control Boards.

Information is also provided with regards to Batch Plants and Glass Batch Studies, Glass Defect Analysis & Trouble Shooting, Furnace Preheating & Start-up, and Raw Materials Analysis.

This area also includes information on Automatic and Semi-Automatic Batch Plants, as well as Cullet Recycling.

The area dedicated to Robotics provides information on the company's NS2 Glass Robot, which is a 4-axis robot and is, according to the company, the simplest and fastest robot available.

Last but not least, there is a special area dedicated to Project Financing, aimed at the development of projects such as machines, equipment, and complete plants.