The 16th International Seminar on Furnace Design – Operation and Process Simulation is now scheduled for 21 – 22 June 2023.

The event, organised by Glass Service, will be held at the Hotel Horal mountain resort in Velke Karlovice, Czech Republic.

The event takes place every two years and brings together more than 150 glass experts from around the world to discuss the use of simulation & control tools, with the goal of optimising the glass melting and forming process.

It will be open to all wanting to learn more about Furnace of The Future, Industry 4.0, Model based furnace control, Artificial Intelligence, All Electric Melters, Hybrid Melters incl. Hydrogen combustion optimised by CFD simulation.

The 2023 Seminar will focus on presentations that provide solutions to reduce the CO2 emissions by 55% or more by the year 2030, following the Paris Climate agreement.