The Czech Republic’s Glass Service will host a four-day training session at the CQ Masso offices in Lyon between September 4 and 8.

The event will focus on glass defects, refractory and technology training.

Glass Service will also host a condensed training event at the CCC in collaboration with Glassman Europe, right next to the show.

This half day event will be entitled ‘Glass defects and the possible sources, heat balance and benchmarking’ and will be available at the reduced rate of €399 to Glassman visitors.

Presentations will include ‘Bubble analysis and possible sources’, by Filip Janos; ‘Solid defect analysis and possible sources’, by Martina Jezikova; ‘What is the difference between corrosion and exudation of fused cast AZS’, by Jerome Canaguier; and ‘heat balance and benchmarking’, by Hans Mahrenholtz.

Glass Service is renowned throughout the industry for its expertise in glass melting, conditioning and forming efficiency. Attendees will be able to visit the Glassman exhibition at the same time, displaying the latest in technology and innovation from the hot to the cold end of the glassmaking process.

People interested in registering for the event should contact Jérôme Canaguier: