Italian glassmaker Zignago Vetro is to unite its brand names under one banner.

The group, which is present in several sites in Europe and the United States, will be unified under a single logo to create a homogeneous identity.

Its Zignago Glass USA and Zignago Vetro Brosse brands will be brought closer to the original brand, in order to make the fact that they belong to Zignago Vetro clear.

The office of Zignago Glass USA will maintain its status as a legal entity, but it will approach the market as Zignago Vetro.

Its Zignago Vetro Brosse production facility will change its legal identity to Zignago Vetro France. In general, both the sales force and the other departments will be identified with a single, central brand: Zignago Vetro.

The brand Zignago Brosse, devoted to the luxury segment, will be substituted by a single cohesive brand: Zignago Vetro.

It said: “There will, then, be lots of changes, but one thing will definitely not undergo any modifications: the dedication that the whole of Zignago Vetro puts into its products.

“Our objective is not to revolutionize the company, but simply to make it even more synergistic and harmonious than it already is, both internally and for the benefit of our clients.”