Industry veteran Stuart Hakes of F.I.C (UK) will be presenting at the Glassman Asia conference in Seoul, South Korea on day one of the event on Tuesday 25th February.

Mr Hakes will be presenting on “Advanced Melting Technology in CO2 Reduction with large all-electric furnaces & superboosting”.

The paper will examine the advantages and current limitations of electric furnaces, particularly when compared to other technologies.

It will then show the results of modelling of large electric furnaces greater than 350tpd for containers and 600tpd for float and discuss how to progressively move to these larger furnaces without incurring high capital costs.

Mr Hakes has been in the glass industry for 55 years. He joined FIC (UK) as C.E.O. in 1999 and has been there ever since.

He is currently President of the Society of Glass Technology, starting his two-year term in 2019.