The schedule for a glass manufacturing conference in Mexico has been confirmed.

The Glassman Latin America conference takes place in Santa Fe, Mexico City on May 15 and 16. It includes 23 presentations focused on various aspects of the glass production process, from refractories to furnaces, and forming to inspection.

It will include a Spanish-language session where Mexican innovation will be celebrated, as well as keynote speeches from manufacturers Arglass and Gerresheimer.

The conference is free to attend. The programme is below.

May 15

Keynote session

10:20. Gerresheimer, Multimillion dollar investment in the Queretaro facility, Hector Garcia, Senior Vice President Americas.

10:40. Arglass, Sustainable Digitalization: Reinventing the Modern Glass Manufacturing Facility, José de Diego Arozamena, Chairman and CEO of Arglass.

11:00. GMIC, U.S. Federally Funded Glass Furnace Research – an Update from GMIC, by Brian J. Naveken, GMIC

BREAK 11.20 – 11.30

A celebration of Mexican innovation (*in Spanish)

11:30. *MGFS/Thermojet, Two new alliances for the Mexican furnace construction, maintenance and heat-up market, Hans Mehl, General Manager.

11:50. *FAMA, AI and Machine Learning in Glass Manufacturing, Humberto Figueroa, Senior Vice President Vitro Digital & FAMA.

12:10. *Interglass, Shaping a Sustainable Future in Glass Manufacturing, José Luis Vélez, Managing Director.

12:30. *BDF Industries, Pioneering Sustainable Glass Production with Electric Radiative Conditioning and Panorama 4.0 Integration, Antonio Hernandez, General Manager, Americas.

12:50 *Iris Inspection Machines, How Artificial Intelligence enhances Iris Inspection machines? Armando Enrico Brusamolino,

Lunch 13:00 – 14:00

Efficient glassmaking

14:00. AGR, Leveraging Glass Container Testing to Validate Sustainability, Bill Slusser; Director of Research & Marta de la Torre; Sales Director.

14:20. Condat, Swabbing Greases: the right product for the right job, Victor Grardel, Glass Market Manager.

14:40. Marposs, Quality: a road towards sustainability, Eleonora Bordini, International Industry Manager - Glass Packaging.

15:00. Pneumofore, Boosting Compressed Air for High Energy Savings, Rolf Hilfiker, CEO.

15:20. Rath, Installation of feeder expendables from a refractory perspective, Robert Nusszer, Head of Sales Glass.

End of Day 1

May 16, Day 2

Decarbonising glass

10:15. Ametek – Enhancing the decarbonisation of glass plants with the integration of AMETEK Land’s latest thermal imaging technology and improved thermal software, Philippe Kerbois, Global Industry Manager - Glass

10:35. Electroglass – Renewable energy is only a small piece of the puzzle when designing all-electric forehearths for a carbon neutral future, Grahame Stuart – Project Sales Engineer.

10:55. Forglass – Decarbonisation by reducing energy consumption using Forglass Mixing Electrodes technology in standard and hybrid furnaces, Piotr Knast, CEO.

11:15. TECO - True Carbon Neutrality in Glass, Brian J Naveken, Manager of Technology & Technical Sales.

11:35. *Celsian (in Spanish) - Quality improvements and savings by tuning raw materials, Cristian Hernández, Project leader glass technology.

Break for 10 minutes 11.55-12:05

12:05. Zippe - Importance of Post-consumer glass recycling, Markus Werner, Sales Engineer, Z

12:25. LWN – The Overlooked Potential of Cooling Systems in the Glass Industry for Decarbonisation and Energy Savings, Aleksander Pinda, CEO.

12:45. Sefpro - Glass Furnace Refractory material behaviour control with enhance sensor technology and digital platform, Victor Mathieu, Services Director.

Lunch 13:05 – 14:00


Peter Firth - The Past, Present and Future of IS Machines in Glass Container Manufacturing .

14:20. Tariq Glass Industries - Growing Together: How Collaboration Boosts Manufacturing Success, Mustafa Baig, Technical Director.

14:40. *MGFS - New generation of heat up burners Turbo Jet, Hans Mehl, General Manager.

Glassman Latin America is a combined trade show and conference focused on the glass manufacturing industry.

So far more than 100 companies will exhibit at the trade show, all highlighting the latest trends and innovations which can help glass manufacturers become more efficient producers of glass packaging.