Şişecam discussed sustainability at the Glassman Europe 2023 conference.

Mr Tolga Uysal, Director of Melting Technologies and Engineering at Şişecam, gave a presentation on Sustainable Glass Manufacturing in Şişecam's first talk of the day.

See the conference video from Glassman Europe 2023 below.

PDFs of all presentations are available here.

Biography: Tolga Uysal is Director of Melting Technologies and Engineering at Şişecam Research and Development. He manages the team responsible for designing Şişecam Glass melting furnaces of various kinds such as float, container and tableware furnaces. Design studies comprise modelling and simulation with in-house developed Şişecam code, refractory and steelwork structure design and implementation on-site. Furnace efficiency, optimisation and troubleshooting are also focus areas of his team as well as energy efficiency of auxiliary equipment and renewable energy and waste heat recovery.

He has been with Şişecam since 2006 and mainly specialised on furnace design, refractory materials and different melting technologies. Mr Uysal is a chemical engineer, he holds an MSc. in Environmental Technologies from Bogaziçi University and an MBA degree from İstanbul Bilgi University.