Pneumofore discussed hollow glass at the Glassman Europe 2023 conference.

Rolf Hilfiker, Pneumofore CEO, gave a presentation on Compressors and Pumps for Hollow Glass.

See the conference video from Glassman Europe 2023 below.

PDFs of all presentations are available here.

Biography: Born in 1962 in Zurich (Switzerland), Rolf Hilfiker is the grandson of Pneumofore’s founder Jakob Hilfiker.

After graduating in Economics at the University of Basel, in 1988 Rolf became financial manager and CEO in the family’s foundry business based in Italy.

In 1989, he entered the board of directors of Pneumofore. He also worked in the banking sector in Switzerland and as sales manager for industrial groups operating in the casting and steel production sector.

Since 2015, Rolf has been serving Pneumofore as Chief Financial Officer, at first, and Chief Executive Officer at present.

In the 90’s, Rolf Hilfiker was President of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Industrial Employers’ Association in Turin (Italy), a member of the President’s Committee of the Industrial Employers’ Association as well as a council member of AMMA, the Italian Mechanical and Mechatronic Companies Association.