The programme for the Glassman USA conference has now been confirmed.

The agenda includes speakers from associations as well as technology suppliers focused on the theme of decarbonisation in the glass industry.

Glassman is a combined trade show and conference focused on the processes involved in glass manufacturing, both in the hot and cold ends.

Conference programme, Tuesday June 6

10:30 Bryan Vickers, Consultant, Glass Packaging Institute (GPI), Glass Container Market Update and Policy Highlights for the US

10:50 Matt McMonagle, CEO and Founder, Novohydrogen, Supporting the Glass Industry in the Energy Transition Using Decarbonized Hydrogen

11:10 Shrikar Chakravarti, Associate Director, Global Business Development – Glass , OPTIMELT Heat Recovery -- Platform for Carbon Neutral Glass Production

11:30 Rolf Hilfiker, CEO, Pneumofore, Compressors and Pumps for Hollow Glass

11:50 Antonio Hernandez, Managing Director, BDF Americas,

June 7

10:30 Bruno Malphettes, Business Developer for Solar Glass Projects, Fives, Producing PV glass with Fives technologies in local markets

10:50 Horn Matthias Kunz, Sales Director America & Marketing Manager at Horn Glass Industries: A summary of innovations in the last view years to make glass melting more energy efficient

11:30 Toby Tiktinsky SVP, Business Development, Convergent Energy and Power, How the Glass Industry can Mitigate Rising Energy Prices with Battery Storage

11:50 Manfred Salinger, Director Advanced Ceramic Filtration Solutions Rath Group, Hot Gas Filtration in the Glass lndustry

12:10 Stephen Harris, Head of Global Business Segment – Glass, Mineral oils versus Synthetics – The correct choice for your IS Machine.

Glassman USA takes place in Cleveland, OH, USA on June 6 and 7.