GlassTrend will host a members only online session entitled ‘Hydrogen as a fuel for industrial heating processes’ as part of the consortium’s spring series of webinars on May 18 at 14:00 CET.

Energy-intensive industrial production processes, for example in the glass, food and ceramic sectors, have a major challenge to decarbonise existing heating processes.

A fast and sustainable route to reduce the carbon intensity of these processes is to replace natural gas with hydrogen. However, the technology for this is not yet available.

In this membership only event, Sander Gersen (below) from DNV, will present the technical challenges to be discussed when adding hydrogen to natural gas with regard to burner performance.

Furthermore, under the leadership of CelSian and DNV GL, an international industry consortium has been set up with the aim of developing combustion technology to prepare for a gradual transition from natural gas to hydrogen.

This research programme provides important building blocks for the roll-out of the sustainable hydrogen value chain. In the presentation the aim of this research programme and high level preliminary results will be discussed.

GlassTrend, CelSian and DNV will also provide papers at the forthcoming two-day Hydrogen in Glassmaking conference next month, which includes papers from 16 glass-related companies.