Glaston has sold a GlastonAir glass tempering machine to China Triumph International Engineering Co. (CTIEC).

Delivery is planned to take place around mid-year 2018 and the deal is valued at around €3 million.

CTIEC has entered into projects in new glass, new materials and renewable energy. It required an expert in glass tempering for its new double glazing photovoltaic solar energy module project.

“GlastonAir meets all our demands for high-quality thin tempered glass,” said Peng Shou, Chairman and Managing Director at CTIEC.

GlastonAir, with its air flotation technology, is a result of Glaston’s long-term R&D work. Its advantage compared to traditional roller-type tempering furnaces is that the glass is supported and heated on a bed of air at the air flotation section.

Arto Metsänen, CEO and President of Glaston Corporation, said: “We have seen a growing interest for thin glass especially for solar energy solutions. With GlastonAir it’s possible to process fully tempered glass down to 2.0mm and to heat strengthen down to 1.6mm thickness with extreme flatness and best optical quality.

"These features make GlastonAir an ideal solution for solar energy applications as reduced thickness of the glass improves the efficiency of the solar panels at the same time as its weight and use of materials are lower.”

China Triumph International Engineering Co. Ltd. is a high-technology R&D and engineering company with industrial bases in several provinces in China