Glaston plans to increase the production of automotive glass pre-processing equipment for China at its Tianjin factory.

Glaston’s Board of Directors has approved a plan to establish the production of automotive pre-processing equipment for standard products at Glaston’s factory in Tianjin, China.

The aim is to serve customers in the largest global automotive market with local machine production, which will grow the company’s business in China and improve operational efficiency.

Ramping up production at the Tianjin factory will start with enhancing local automotive technology know-how and product-specific production skills, as well as setting up a local automotive supply chain network to meet required quality criteria.

The first products produced in China for the Chinese market are expected to be delivered during the first half of 2023.

The estimated investment for the implementation of the plan is approximately €1.4 million.

Anders Dahlblom, President and CEO of Glaston Corporation, said: “In China for China. Expanding the role of our Tianjin facility will enable us to reach a new automotive glass processing customer segment in China as well as strengthen our position with existing customers. Proximity to the customer is important when addressing our growth ambition in the Chinese market.

“Glaston has been present in China for more than 20 years. We have a long experience and high readiness and flexibility to serve customers with local production, delivery and services. With this plan we will get a more flexible footprint and cost efficiencies within our automotive business.”

Glaston’s addressable global automotive glass equipment market was estimated at over €50 million in 2021, with expected continuous growth. Asia and China, in particular, are major growth regions in the automotive industry.

In the previous years, China’s share of the automotive glass new machinery market has been approx. 50−70%, of which the majority are standard products.

Production of automotive machines in Bützberg, Switzerland will continue to serve Glaston customers outside of China.