All Glaston glass production facilities in Finland, Germany, Switzerland and China have successfully maintained operations during the corona virus pandemic.

Glaston said its focus from an early stage of the pandemic had been on securing the operations, the safety of employees and on continuous support to its customers.

Its machines and lines for processing architectural, automotive, solar and appliance glass have continued to be delivered to customers around the world.

Access into Glaston’s production facilities is prohibited for external persons such as suppliers, and goods transfers are handled outside of the facilities.

For Glaston employees, extensive protective measures, new hygiene guidelines as well as stricter cleaning procedures have been introduced in the offices and productive areas..

Thanks to the functioning logistics of Glaston’s suppliers, the required individual parts or components for the machine assembly are available in all production plants and operations have continued without hick-ups.

In March–April, 10 tempering lines and two laminating lines were completed at its unit in Finland, adding up in 57 large sea containers and 34 trailers to transport the lines.

Additionally, five containers were also shipped in March–April with goods related to modernisation projects for existing lines.

The company’s unit for machinery for insulating glass manufacturing and handling equipment in Germany is running at full speed.

It said: “Glaston is particularly proud of all its employees who work hard to ensure that all orders are delivered and installed. Regarding installations, Glaston continues working as planned at the sites not listed by authorities as being in risk areas.

“This applies to the delivery of new machines and equipment as well as service and maintenance work. However, today most of Glaston’s machines are available through remote connections, which makes it easier to provide instant online support.”

It added: “Due to the strict guidelines, preventive measures and the prudent behaviour of all Glaston employees, Glaston still has no reported Covid-19 cases to date.”