Glaston Corporation has initiated negotiations regarding possible temporary lay-offs at its Finnish units.

The potential layoffs concern all employees in Finland, approximately 180 people.

The plan is to achieve the necessary level of adjustment by using temporary layoffs of at most

90 days per employee.

Potential layoffs are designed to be up to 90 days per employee. Negotiations will begin on 25th March 2020 and will last for up to two weeks.

The layoffs are planned to start immediately after the conclusion of the negotiations and will be implemented in stages according to the workload.

Negotiations regarding short time work have also been launched in the company's German and Swiss units and adjustment measures will be taken in other units according to need.

Arto Metsänen, CEO of Glaston Oyj, said: “Due to the coronavirus situation, there have been rapid changes in our business environment and, at the same time, restrictions on mobility due to the virus

also affect the amount of work involved in certain activities.

“Changes in demand are difficult to assess at the moment, but by reorganizing work and teleworking, we aim to mitigate potential personnel impacts.”