Glaston has closed a €1.9m deal for a heat treatment line and several pre-processing machines with Taiwanese company G-TECH Optoelectronics.

The heat treatment line represents Glaston’s latest technology and is a customised flat tempering line with double chambers. The line is also equipped with the advanced Vortex Plus convection control system and one real-time iLooK quality measurement system.

The pre-processing machines included in the deal are Glaston’s new generation straight line edger Hyon11 and beveling machines Max 80-CNP, SB10 and VT1250-A. The deal also includes a comprehensive Glaston Care service contract package for maintenance, training and consulting services.

The heat treatment line is manufactured in Tampere, Finland and the pre-processing machines in Bregnano, Italy. The machines will be delivered to the customer during the first quarter of 2014.

G-TECH Optoelectronics manufactures and sells professional photoelectric technology glass products in Taiwan. Its products include touch sensing, optical coated, thin glass, protective, and 3D forming glass products.

G-TECH is an optical glass supplier in Taiwan, and one of the glass suppliers for a multinational company that designs, develops and sells computer software, personal computers and consumers electronics.