The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) testified in favour of a proposed expansion of New York’s bottle bill.

For the second time in a series of hearings, GPI President Scott DeFife has submitted testimony in support of the expansion and improvement of recycling in New York, US.

The New York State Senate Environmental Conservation Committee held a hearing last month to find legislative solutions, such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), in reducing the amount of waste from packaging.

GPI has stressed that EPR for packaging is an opportunity to improve the efficiency, quality, and system of recycling and is not centric on shifting costs to the private sector.

In his testimony, Mr DeFife said: "GPI is supportive of expanding the state’s bottle bill to capture all beverage containers in concert with establishment of an EPR programme, either as a standalone bill or as an amendment to the EPR bill, as these two programmes can work very effectively side by side.”

See full testimony here.

New York is home to two glass container manufacturing plants, O-I Glass in Auburn and Anchor Glass in Elmira.

Collectively, these plants produce several million bottles every day, many destined for local and regional customer end markets.

In his testimony, Mr DeFife said the US industry purchases approximately 2.3 million tons of recycled glass each year and the average bottle or jar contains 1/3 recycled glass.

For every 10% of recycled glass added to the batch mix, energy usage can be reduced 2-3%, with additional corresponding reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Therefore, he said "using recycled glass had significant benefits to the environment of the region and should be prioritised".