Grenzebach’s optimised production technology has allowed it supply 280 systems in the cold end in the last four years.

For 50 years, Grenzebach has supplied systems for the manufacture of flat glass.

In response to the growing demand for photovoltaic (PV) modules, the company upgraded its production technology for solar glass in 2020.

Since then, Grenzebach has distributed around 280 systems in the cold end for the production of patterned glass on the global market.

The systems are either already in use by customers, are in the process of being delivered and installed, or are still in production.

These figures are the result of the collaboration between the Grenzebach sites in Germany (Hamlar) and China (Jiashan).

James Shang, CEO of Grenzebach Machinery at Grenzebach's Chinese facility in Jiashan, said: "Because we had a facility in China, which placed us in close proximity to the market, we had an excellent understanding of what our customers wanted and needed.

“This, combined with outstanding technological expertise from Germany, enabled us to precisely tailor our offering to meet customer requirements.”

In the 2000s, the Chinese government launched an initiative to promote renewable energies and drive forward the expansion of solar energy.

This saw the demand for solar glass increase, which, in turn, saw glass manufacturers react by expanding their production capacities at the same time.

By 2008, Grenzebach had installed the first two systems for the production of solar glass in the Chinese province of Guangdong.

Since then, demand for solar glass has continued to grow, not just in China, but around the world.

In 2020, Grenzebach made extensive updates to its portfolio of systems for patterned glass.

New technologies have elevated the production line to an advanced level, which also brings attractive pricing, fast production speeds and quick commissioning.

Markus Gruber, Senior Vice President of the Business Unit Glass at Grenzebach, said: "We set out to optimise our production facilities for patterned glass so that we could keep meeting the needs of our customers and fulfilling the requirements that are placed on solar glass.

“Every aspect of the technology is designed with output and cost efficiency in mind, as well as the specific requirements of the Chinese solar glass market."