Grupo Petrópolis and the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) have launched a project to improve and increase the use of glass throughout the supply chain.

Through the National Service for Industrial Learning (SENAI), Brazilian brewery company Grupo Petrópolis and CNI have launched a national project to solve the problems of circularity in the glass packaging chain.

R$ 5 million will be invested in the project, of which R$ 4 million will be contributed by the industry and R$ 1 million by SENAI.

The Strategic Mission Glass Circularity project will allow companies to submit project proposals through the Innovation for Industry Platform by CNI.

The platform aims to form partnerships with other companies and institutions that have the same goal, share resources, and optimise efforts to implement research projects.

The deadline for forming alliances and submitting proposals is November 20.

Among the challenges that the project intends to overcome are:

  • Alternatives to increase the circularity in the packaging glass chain.
  • Decentralised or mobile solutions for glass processing.
  • Energy efficiency in ovens and compact solutions.
  • Processes to reduce the generation of CO2 in the circular chain of glass.
  • Solutions to increase the return of glass packaging – i.e. refillable packaging.
  • Increase return of glass shards for industries to reuse (cullet).
  • Involve consumers to mobilise the entire glass supply chain.

Since it was created in 2004, the platform has selected over a thousand projects, in which more than R$ 917 million has been invested.

Alaercio Nicoletti Junior, Sustainability Manager at Grupo Petrópolis, said: “We work to establish partnerships like this one with SENAI/CNI, as we believe that in this way, we contribute to boosting circular economy initiatives and packaging recycling not only in Grupo Petrópolis, but also in other organisations in the country.”

Data from the Brazilian Association of Glass Industries (Abividro) indicate that more than 8.6 billion units are produced by the market per year, which is equivalent to 1.4 million tons of the material.

The recycling of material moves approximately R$ 120 million per year in the country.

Petrópolis Group is the largest company in its industry with 100% Brazilian capital. The group produces beers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and has eight factories in operation.

CNI is the main organisation representing Brazilian industry. It aims to increase the competitiveness of Brazilian industry by influencing the policy environment