Guardian Industries’ Glass Group in Europe has opened a headquarters office in Bertrange, Luxembourg.

Approximately 120 staff have been relocated from their offices at the company’s production site in Dudelange, Luxembourg.

A key driver for the move is the company’s continuing transition toward a regional business model. Guus Boekhoudt, Vice President Europe of Guardian Industries’ Glass Group, explained: “At the end of last year, we decided to readjust our organisational model – changing from our previous plant-by-plant approach to a regional operation.

“Our new Europe HQ represents an important step in our move to become ‘One Guardian’ for consistent customer engagement throughout the region.”

The office provides a professional working environment for the regional team that encompasses functions including Supply Chain, Regional Sales, Regional Marketing and other strategic as well as operational support functions.

Mr Boekhoudt added: “The investment shows our company’s commitment in the European business, which is performing well despite the current challenging market conditions.

"Working from our new offices, we will continue to focus on value creation for all our customers throughout the region.”