Guardian Glass has inaugurated its new laminating line at its float glass plant in Orosháza, Hungary.

It invested in the line to support the increased demand for laminated glass in Europe.

The line produces standard and coated laminated glass, as well as speciality products such as acoustic, thick, coated and coloured laminated glass.

The rising demand for laminated glass is being driven by three trends:

*Country-level regulations in Europe require the use of safety glass in an increased number of fenestration and interior applications, for which laminated glass is the most effective solution.

*The desire for buildings to have more natural light is driving the trend towards larger, energy-efficient windows, which requires the use of laminated glass for higher mechanical resistance and security.

*A general rise in demand for noise reduction for both residential and commercial buildings has increased the use of acoustic laminated glass.

Guus Boekhoudt, Vice President Guardian Glass, and Managing Director Guardian Europe, said: “Glass is fundamental to so many human needs.

“The desire for a comfortable living space with natural light will not be any different 50 years from now and the need to protect or preserve something while still being able to see it will not change either.

“This together with the conversion of more and more residential windows from double to triple glazing will result in an increase in glass demand across Europe in the next few year.”

The fully automated line is already producing 150 truckloads of laminated glass per month for customers in Hungary, Romania and the Balkan countries.

Pic Guus Boekhoudt, Vice President Guardian Glass, Managing Director Guardian Europe (left) and Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary.