Guardian’s ClimaGuard Dry is an anti external condensation glass.

ClimaGuard Dry uses magnetron sputter coating technology to create a surface one coated glass, which insulates the outer pane when fabricated into double and triple glazed IGU’s. The coating helps to keep the glass temperature above the dew point whilst also helping to prevent the condensation from forming in the first place.

ClimaGuard Dry was originally developed in 2010 and has been available in other parts of Europe for some time now, particularly in countries where triple glazing represents over 50% of installations and in some of the Nordic countries where triple glazing now represents nearly 90% of the glazing installed. In these countries the benefits of highly energy efficient triple glazing have been recognised and the occurrence of external condensation is more commonly understood. With understanding, there is a general acceptance that exceptional efficiency may result in short spells of external condensation, and for many this isn’t considered a problem rather a showpiece that their glazing is keeping their energy bills at bay.