Scott Thomsen, president of Guardian Industries Global Flat Glass Group, will present the opening speech at Glass Performance Days Finland, June 11-15 in Tampere.

Thomsen, who oversees the worldwide operations of Guardian’s flat glass manufacturing, marketing, distribution and product development, will discuss the challenges facing the glass industry and propose solutions for reconstructionist strategic thinking to create new demand for glass.

Glass Performance Days occurs biannually in Finland. The 2013 event, with a theme of Glass Technology, Design and Sustainability, will focus on glass architecture and the environmental impact of buildings.

“One of the benefits of ongoing and rapid technological advances in glass is that companies have the opportunity to reinvent themselves,” Thomsen said.

“Large or small, businesses in the glass industry are constantly bumping into, then breaking down, preconceptions of working with glass, from manufacturers to architects to the glaziers installing the final product.

"Being mindful of what the past has given us helps us embrace new technology as both savvy businesspeople and far-reaching, creative engineers."

For more information on the conference, or to register, visit the GPD Finland website.