A ceremony for the first float glass shipping was held on 20th December 2012 from the new Guardian plant: Guardian Steklo Rostov, Russia.

The next phase of the project will be completed in the second quarter of 2013. The start of a magnetron nano evaporation line is planned for this period, with the production of high-quality energy-efficient glass: ClimaGuard, solar-control and multifunctional SunGuard and ClimaGuard Solar.

According to the company, Guardian Steklo Rostov is the most prominent project in the 80-year Guardian global history. Total investment is projected to be more than 8 billion rubles and the output of float line is expected at 900 tons per day.

The total number of employees at the plant is approximately 260. When the second phase of the project is finished, this is expected to rise to more than 300 employees and approximately 700 jobs will be created in the contiguous companies.

The Rostov plant is the second Guardian project in Russia. The first was successfully launched in Ryazan.