On Tuesday 11th June 2013, Guardian will hold a Triple Anniversary event, which will see the official opening of the magnetron glass coater at its plant in Goole, East Yorkshire, UK.

It’s been 10 years since Guardian lit the UK float glass furnace and after investing over £100 million in the plant; the company continued to develop its commitment to the UK market when 5 years later it invested a further 6 million in the laminating glass line. Then, just last year it invested another £35 million in a magnetron glass coater.

To celebrate these three land mark events, the company will invite the glass and glazing industry to join in its Triple Anniversary Celebration. Scott Thomsen, President of Guardian’s Global Flat Glass Division will be leading the event with a keynote speech.

Mark Bristow Regional Manager for Guardian Glass UK & Ireland stated: “The road to our 10 year anniversary has been, at times, a bumpy one! We have successfully navigated a double dip recession and managed to achieve growth at a time when many well-established companies have fallen short. We greatly attribute this success to our “best in service” approach and our commitment to the independent glass & glazing industry. The independent businesses have shown the same strength and ability to adapt that we have. This mutual support and success is certainly something to be celebrated and we hope that you can all join us in our Triple Anniversary Celebration.”