Guardian has introduced its free to use Acoustic Calculator as part of its Guardian Plus business support programme.

For insulating glass unit manufacturers and glass processors, the Guardian Plus Acoustic Calculator is designed to allow the user to select the most competitive glass configurations, from a range of glass options, which suit the building project application.

Once the final decision has been made, the acoustic performance certificate for the glass or insulating glass unit may be downloaded, and supplied as part of the tender or finished goods specification to verify the acoustic performance and add value to both your business and the product.

Acoustics play a key role in most architectural specifications, due to an increased demand to reduce unwanted noise emanating from road traffic and busy streets, etc.

Most acoustic calculators provide a dB (Decibel) rating for glass. By defining the different types of sound control performance and providing the noise reduction at octave centre frequencies, the Guardian Plus Acoustic Calculator allows the user to go beyond a single figure dB rating by also finding a suitable glass configuration to reduce specific nuisance noise.

The calculator also allows users to filter from a list of glass constructions and acoustic performances, to provide a range of glass or insulating glass unit constructions that will achieve the required sound control performance.

This ensures that only the options which satisfy national and local regulatory requirements, as well as manufacturing capabilities are selected.

The Guardian Plus Acoustic Calculator is part of the Guardian Plus Business Support programme which is entirely free to join. For more information visit