The improved ClimaGuard A+ from Guardian Glass UK offers excellent Window Energy Rating results.

ClimaGuard A+ Low E glass retains the same 1.2 U value, combined with an increased solar heat gain (g value) of 73% with a Clear outer pane or as high as 76% with a Low Iron outer pane. This improvement makes ClimaGuard A+ a leading soft coat Low E glass in Window Energy Rating performance.

ClimaGuard A+ uses an advanced coating layer stack to increase solar heat gain performance; to retain its durability, the coating layer stack was maintained, yet finely tuned to achieve the highest solar heat gain (g value) currently possible in combination with a 1.2 U value performance.

“The redevelopment of ClimaGuard A+ was imperative to its continued success in the UK and Ireland” said Mark Bristow Regional Manager for Guardian Glass.

Guardian’s new ClimaGuard A+ is available now, for more information please visit