Turkish glass manufacturers Gürallar Cam Ambalaj (GCA) and LAV have encouraged robotic coding training among local schools.

The two companies have worked with Ağaçköy Elementary and Secondary schools to provide robotic coding training in order to support high-tech education of young students.

It was initially held for one month in the summer tyerm last year but was so successful that it is now provided throughout the year.

A total of 94 students, 42 from the primary school and 52 from the secondary school are now acquainted with robotic coding after the training.

The project aims to help students have a deep understanding of today's ever-changing technologies to let them become the pioneers of future technologies.

It is known that development of analytical and critical thinking skills in children is crucial to their academic and social success.

Mr. Erol Güral, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gürallar, said: "The development of future scientists depends on their encountering with such training and activities at young ages and their ability to imagine the future."