The managing board of Saudi Guardian International Float Glass Co (GulfGuard) has agreed in principle to an investment in a high technology coating machine for its float glass plant in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

GulfGuard is a joint venture owned by Guardian Industries Corp., Zamil Group Holding Company, and The National Company for Glass Industries (Zoujaj).

The coater uses advanced technology for turning standard float glass into high performance, value-added glass.

The coater will allow the plant to produce low-emissivity (low-E), solar control glass products for residential (ClimaGuard) and commercial (SunGuard) applications.

These high performance products improve a building’s energy efficiency, performance and comfort for its occupants. Guardian operates these advanced coaters throughout the world.

Guardian Glass President Kevin Baird says that the investment to add the coater is further demonstration of GulfGuard's commitment to serving the long-term needs of its customers, in Saudi Arabia and the GCC:

“The addition of the coater reflects our confidence in this facility and the region,” says Baird. “We will be able to develop value-added products for the region quickly and efficiently.”

“Architects and builders are increasing their use of energy-efficient products to improve the building envelope, and we are committed to supporting our customers by providing them with the best technology,” says Riadh Al Humaidan, Chairman of Zoujaj and GulfGuard.

“This development provides them with an important capability in the region.”