Haldyn Glass Limited has started up a furnace supplied by Horn Glass Industries.

Horn Glass Industries received the order from the Indian company for the construction of furnace 3, an End Fired Furnace with five production lines.

The plant is designed with a melting area of 86.14 m² to produce a total of up to 280 tonnes of glass per day.

The scope of supply included the engineering of the refractory material and the steel structure, critical equipment, combustion system and a HVR 500F batch charger, the supervision, the tempering and commissioning.

The melting furnace is characterised by the use of Horn E-Fusion-Power Boosting as well as the HRD-BEAM glass level measurement.

Horn expressed its thanks to the glass manufacturer for the trust placed in the company and the cooperation between Haldyn and the Horn construction management on site.

Despite the tight delivery times and bottlenecks, the equipment was delivered to India in time for the start of construction.

Glass flow took place in early September and the entire project was even successfully commissioned before the set target date.

Haldyn Glass Limited was established in 1991 and is based in the Indian state of Gujarat.

It is part of Haldyn Corporation which specialises in the manufacture of brown and white soda lime container glass.

Its customers are from around the globe from the food, pharmaceutical, soft drink, spirits and beer industries.