Sri Lanka’s PGP Glass Ceylon has partnered with Heineken to launch the brewer’s first screen-printed and returnable glass bottle in Asia Pacific.

The 625ml reusable bottle incorporates screen printing technology and meets the sustainability objectives of both companies.

The bottle is sourced and manufactured end-to-end in Sri Lanka, incorporating PGP’s screen-printing technology, which is considered a first for Heineken within the Asia Pacific region.

The technology can reduce plastic or paper-based labelling, and consumers can be encouraged to participate in waste reduction efforts by having a returnable bottle.

Sanjay Jain, Executive Director/COO PGP Glass Ceylon, said: ”The investment required for screen printing technology on glass bottles is considerable.

“However, its positive effects on the planet are far-reaching.

"As a socially and sustainability-conscious organisation, we are proud to do our part through a shared commitment to the national movement on uplifting its sustainable economy.”

PGP Glass Ceylon is the sole manufacturer of glass bottles for food and beverages in Sri Lanka.

The bottle was launched in the presence of Bonnie Horbach, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.