Heinz-Glas has commissioned a €15 million electric furnace at its Kleintettau glass manufacturing facility.

The electric furnace can produce high-quality perfumery glass, clear glass with a high PCR cullet content as well as opal glass and also means the glass manufacturer can react flexibly to market and customer requirements.

For more than 15 years, the opal glass within the group was produced exclusively at the Dzialdowo, Poland site but the fact that this is now also possible again at one of the German locations opens up further flexible possibilities for the group to serve its customers.

"Technical progress in particular helps to overcome crises and create entrepreneurial perspectives. A certain amount of courage to try something new and then the necessary bit of luck are of course also part of it," said owner and CEO Carletta Heinz.

In 1971, Heinz-Glas was the first company in the glass industry to put an electrically heated melting tank into operation at its Kleintettau location.

The investment secures more than 120 jobs and about the same number of jobs at suppliers in the region. The furnace was commissioned in March this year.