Heinz-Glas is to build an electric furnace at its Kleintettau, Germany glass manufacturing site.

The flacon glass manufacturer said it was responding to the changing demands of the world market in terms of production technology.

It said the furnace will be built at the beginning of 2020 and produce different types of glass in terms of quantities, as well as the increasingly in demand Post Consumer Recycling (PCR) glass.

In using an electric furnace, the company said it was benefitting from what is considered the most environmentally friendly and promising glass melting technology.

Heinz-Glas said it was continuing along a path of meeting the requirements for low-emission glass production. It replaced the last natural gas-fired furnace with an electrical oven at its Kleintettau site in 2016.

The new melter will replace an older electric furnace. It means no additional production capacity will be created as initially intended.

But instead, investments will be made to preserve around 100 direct jobs, plus approximately 100 further indirect jobs related to pre- or post-production.

The company said this was being done in consideration of the ongoing energy transition and the resulting uncertainty concerning power supply.