Heinz-Glas has launched a protective coating to shield its products from danger.

The Invisible ‐ protective shields minimises dangers from UV light, bacteria and viruses and ensures anti-counterfeiting.

The German glass manufacturer said its specifically developed protection mechanisms are integrated: completely invisible and without compromises in design.

With the Invisible protective shields, the bottle manufacturer offers its customers concrete and individual solutions.

UV radiation is filtered to protect the sensitive ingredients. Refined glass surfaces ward off bacteria and viruses. And an optical fingerprint ensures the authenticity of the products.

Heinz-Glas teamed up with specialists to ensure the greatest possible environmental protection available.

Integrated in the glass and constant throughout the entire life cycle is invisible UV protection: The UV protection options, developed with the company Ferro, vary in terms of UVA and UVB radiation as well as intensity of protection as required and glass colour.

Invisible UV Protection protects the contents of the bottle with a sprayed and transparent UV protective varnish.

With the paint manufacturer Weilburger, the German glass manufacturer focused on contemporary health protection: The glass surface of the bottle refined with Invisible senoglass Carecoating works reliably against bacteria and viruses up to the coronavirus.

A milestone in the field of product safety has been reached with the company Tailorlux: Invisible identification provides the bottle with an optical fingerprint on a customer-specific basis.