Heinz-Glas has unveiled a flacon that features a digital screen on its front.

The Times Square perfume bottle has a digital screen to where consumers can upload a message, video or music.

Whenever the consumer lifts the bottle, the flacon plays the selected media, such as a song or film footage.

The company has been working in partnership with the multimedia business DS.Xpress for two years to design and make the bottle.

Virginia Elliott, Chief Sales Officer at Heinz-Glas said: “This new next generation flacon is the integration of the digital era with classic glassmaking. This is the beginning of being able to so something we never thought possible.”

The refillable Flacon means customers can personalise their own bottle. In order to do so they have to register on the Heinz-Glas website.

The flacon can be customised with a personal message and optimised in an intuitive way.

The customer can upload their own images, videos and music, they can select their favourites and send them to the flacon.

Ms Elliott said: “You can give this as a present to a loved one and they will not just have a nice experience with the perfume but with the flacon as well.”

Tests had been carried out to ensure the screen does not react if the alcoholic content of the bottle splashes onto it.

Second and third generation bottles are planned in six months and in a year’s time, she said.