Heinz-Glas has started operation of its Sorg end-fired furnace at its Dzialdowo, Poland plant.

The furnace replaced the previous oven, as it no longer met the necessary standard.

The new furnace has a melting capacity of 150 tpd, and with use of electricity is expandable up to 180 tpd.

The furnace, with a Sorg Third generation Working end (STW) is connected to six Sorg Third generation Forehearth (STF) production lines, two of which are equipped with Sorg colouring forehearths.

The equipment for melting end and forehearths is industry standard, and includes integrated cooling systems designed by Sorg.

The safety technology is said to be at the highest level of DIN/EN 746-2 and was implemented with redundant Sorg gas supply and safety control for melting end and forehearths.

Sorg’s burner holders WSH, modular stirrers as well as the Sorg Conti-Drain were also used.

The completely different furnace concept required extensive construction measures as well as an intervention in the existing structure and was reportedly challenging for everyone involved.

The project was completed successfully on time and with the start of production, the glass quality met the high demands of Heinz Glas and the total energy consumption was lower than specified.