The recently launched HiShield Ranger 2 is a camera-check detection system for the SmartLine, designed to separately and autonomously inspect the finish, heel, shoulder or base of a glass container.

A patent court has found a patent infringement in the predecessor Ranger system. The patent in question is only valid in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Heye has developed the Ranger 2 as an advanced solution without any kind of patent-related restrictions. The Ranger 2 can be used in all countries without infringing patents.

A Ranger 2 system consists of one camera, collecting five images simultaneously via five lenses and fibre optic light guides, the illumination unit and the control unit with the software for image processing, including the decision ‘container okay or not okay’.

The Ranger 2 is fully modular and scalable. If required, the user can start with one system and add any number of parallel systems at any time.

A typical and recommended Ranger 2 configuration on a star wheel inspection machine would be four parallel systems, each dedicated to and optimised for one of the following types of checks: Horizontal; Vertical; Shoulder; Base.

Each system runs independently and does not need to be synchronised with the others, so there is no influence or need to compromise between systems.

This allows the individual optimisation of all settings and adjustments (illumination, lenses etc) for the respective system and the type of check.