Heye International has reached a record of one million bottles per day on a single IS line.

Its beer-line with high-speed ware handling has achieved the record of one million bottles per day.

Heye International’s fast and smooth ware handling is a decisive factor to reach high speeds and high Pack-To-Melt (PTM) ratios. The beer-line has a belt-speed of 20 sections and its tandem machine reaches 72m/min.

The advanced handling equipment combines precision with the latest closed-loop functions for dead plate cooling control, ware spacing and an automatic ware transfer synchronisation. It has become the ‘ultimate solution’ for high speed in container glass production.

As well as closed loop solutions for the blow side, Heye has also launched new products for the blank side. Closed loops for cooling and press duration/glass distribution are available.

The swabbing robot eliminates one of the most important manual working steps, while being the basis for precise, infrared-based temperature measurement on the blank side. The Heye robot is able to swab on the fly even at high cavity rates.