Heye International has been working with Siemens to exploit the opportunities of digitalization in a glassworks.

Heye's offer to a glassworks is based on three areas: Smart data, smart machine control and smart process control which includes the Heye servo drive control unit.

This coordinates the interaction between twin motor shears, servo plungers, and other components so that a range of heavy glass drops can be cut in a fraction of a second and distributed to stations in the individual section machine.

The machine produces high-volume goods such as drinks bottles and consists of individual, independent production modules.

The motion control is provided by Siemens control technology.

Motion control is produced by a Simotion D435-2 which controls a scalable number of axes.

A Simatic Comfort Panel TP1200 provides simple operation as well as management and creation of reproducible motion profiles.

Motion control and HMI (Human Machine Interface) are engineered in the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) engineering framework portal.

This saves Heye's developers time and effort. In addition to this, the unit is suitable for processing a range of different containers on one machine, accommodating all feeder sizes and types, and can achieve production speeds of 250 cuts per minute.

"This means that we and our customers have an optimum set-up for further integration and digitalization of process steps," says Wilfried Seidensticker, Hot End Product Manager at Heye International.

As Heye's most successful product, the solution for rapid changeover has also established itself in the narrow neck press and blow process.