HFT has restructured its senior leadership team to better align with its corporate strategy goals.

The speciality engineers and contractors believe the adjustment will allow the company to focus on its core capabilities and further enhance its services to clients.

HFT will focus on global engineering, procurement and construction, while continuing its emphasis on project solutions.

Mark Piedmonte will continue to lead as president and CEO, with additional responsibilities, whilst Kevin Yung has been promoted to Chief Revenue Officer.

Brad Hall and Jordan Baker join HFT in other leadership roles, serving respectively as Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Mr Piedmonte, CEO, said: “In my experience, one attribute of every successful organisation is a willingness to evolve as necessary to more effectively address tasks at hand. I believe we’ve done exactly that by formalising the structure of our senior leadership. I’m confident about our direction and I’m eager for the journey ahead.”

Daniel Chen, Executive Consultant and advisor to HFT, added: “We have an extremely talented, insightful team of senior leaders, and their individual roles are perfectly in sync with what we want to accomplish moving forward. I’m quite confident they’ll increase our opportunities for developing business – not just in my focus area [in Asia], but everywhere HFT provides service to clients.”