Horn Glass Industries and glass global consulting (GGC) are joining forces to minimise NOx emissions at glass melting furnaces with additional benefits such as production increase, quality increase and/or energy cost savings.

GGC is licensing its ggENOx system, suitable for regenerative end-port furnaces only, to Horn with the aim to jointly expand this system to all type of furnaces.

The developments of ggENOx, AIF project KF 2579001HG0, have been finished mid 2012 with several industrial installations in operation.

"GGC´s system in combination with Horn´s proven innovations can offer new regenerative end-port furnaces with low values long term and at the same time further optimise the melting and combustion processes.

“For furnaces with a 2-burners-per-port-design we can guarantee 500 mg/Nm³,” Christoph Jatzwauk, Horn board member said.

"The collaboration with Horn enables GGC to faster develop and implement new ideas with clear commercial benefits to customers," Hans Mahrenholtz, MD of GGC added.