Horn Glass Industries has successfully completed their takeover discussions for ggENOx technology.

glassglobal Consulting supports ggENOx technology via its network, and will continue to serve as its marketing partner in the future.

ggENOx system is applicable on existing and newly built regenerative end-port furnaces and serves to considerably reduce NOx and save energy.

Several European and international customers report highly satisfactory results of, for example, NOx reduction of over 20% and at the same time significant energy savings of more than 2.5%.

Horn Glass, a German specialist in the design and supply of complete glass melting technology is a solution partner for the worldwide glass industry.

With its subsidiary companies in Czech Republic, India, Malaysia and China, Horn Glass matches the glass industry’s requirements for local and fast activities.

With more than 125 years of experience in glass melting, Horn has a wide range of expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of different furnace types for the production of lighting ware, tableware, containers, cast glass, float glass, solar glass and technical glassware.

The range of products and services includes utility equipment such as combustion systems and electric control equipment, modern process controlling with SCADA systems of the highest standard, as well as the design engineering and site services.
The contract became effective on the 1st January 2016, and the two parties have agreed unanimously that sole ownership of the system and its technology will be taken over by Horn Glass.

This contract includes complete transfer of technological and commercial details as well as responsibility for customer after-sale service.

Future developments and upgrades of ggENOx system will also be executed by Horn Glass.