Horn Glass has constructed a new electric furnace for German tableware manufacturer F.X Nachtmann.

Horn received the order for the new construction of furnace 2 for the plant in Weiden, an all-electric furnace with seven production lines, which produces up to 25 tonnes per day (tpd) of tableware glass.

The melting furnace represents a special feature, as the heating is carried out electrically by means of tin oxide electrodes as well as by means of an oxygen gas mixture.

The distributor and the forehearth were previously electrically heated and has now been converted to the pure Horn Cora gas mixture heating.

Horn's supplied included the planning of the refractory scope of the distributor and forehearths and the refractory structure of the melting furnace, distributor and forehearths.

Furthermore, the new steel superstructure bracing and accessible platforms were planned, manufactured and erected.

For the distributor as well as forehearths, the Horn gas-air-mixture heating system Cora was planned, manufactured and installed as well as a new combustion air supply.

The whole plant was equipped with a new measuring and control station and to simplify the control, the SCADA process control system developed by Horn including hardware and software was integrated.

The entire construction and commissioning was supervised and managed by Horn with the entire project completed on schedule.

F. X. Nachtmann has been producing hand- and machine-made goblets and gift articles since 1834.

The company has over 1200 employees and a turnover of around €80 million in 2018, and manufactures drinking glasses, vases and plates.