Horn Glass is to build a new office building in Plößberg, Germany due to continued growth within the company.

The groundbreaking ceremony for this project took place on 3rd May 2019 with completion of the development due for February 2020.

Local architects Roider and Sollfrank, based in neighbouring Bärnau, will design the office.

The development will consist oftwo floors covering 1200m2 and will house over 60 employees.

Smaller office units, fitted for two to three people, instead of open-plan offices will enable the teams to create an “inspiring and productive working atmosphere”.

The furnishings will be reportedly modern, prospective and barrier-free.

Stephan Meindl, CEO of Horn Glass, said: "The construction of the new building is the next logical step on our way to become market leader.

"The permanent demand for high technology melting furnaces and total plants induce us to expanse the company Horn Glass.

"We want to provide our experts the very best environment to ensure to produce further high class facilities and equipment, with intelligent engineering and design made in Germany."

Another important facet for Horn is said to be the digital accessibility of all components. From the alarm system to the roller blinds - everything will be controlled using digital systems.