The end-fired furnace was installed at the company’s Czestochwa plant in Poland in June 2014.

A specific characteristic of the project was the forehearth location, with a reversed glass flow due to the limitation of the building.

Horn improved this special distributor and forehearth location by changing its design, but keeping the existing gob points.

Horn supplied the complete steel structure, a port controlled combustion system including the Dualflame MC 700 burners, a new flue gas and combustion air reversing unit, and the tank and throat cooling.

They also supplied the measurement and control system, including an oxygen measurement and a day batch hopper, including the charging machines.

In order to reach a glass production of 180tpd, a melting boosting and a barrier boosting were installed at the furnace.

One of the four forehearths was equipped as a colouring forehearth, with an additional dosing and weighing unit to add the colouring frit, as well as a stirring system to mix up the coloured glass.

The complete demolition and erection works were carried out by a subcontracted company, under the guidance of Horn supervisors.