Customers from Vetropack, Verallia and Vidroporto were among those to attend a successful Horn Glass safety seminar.

A total of 17 custmoers from around the world attended the conference at Horn’s headquaretres in Plossberg, Germany.

The aim of the day-long event was to demonstrate and explain the meaning of Functional Safety to its customers.

The industry is more aware and concerned about safety than in the past and the seminar described which steps are possible and necessary in order to operate a safe furnace in different operating modes.

It was also an opportunity for Horn to introduce its new “Functional Safety for Automation Engineering” department, which will be headed by Markus Kick, official Functional Safety Manger Automation.

Mr Kick presented the seminar, which was divided into three parts.

He said: “We wanted to bring across the connection between research & development for any electronic utility system and control to our individual customers considering relevant guidelines and standards of functional safety tasks.”

Delegates were from Vetropack Croatia, Vetropack Switzerland, Gerresheimer Germany, Verallia France and Germany, Holophane Frankreich, Vidroporto Brasil and Schott Germany.

After every presentation the seminar participants discussed the content of the lecture. Mr Kick answered and explained every issue from a special sensoric, logic or any actuator as best as he could.

At the end of the seminar all attendees answered a questionnaire about the content and to evaluate the seminar trainer. The results from the participants were more than positive.

Mr Kick said: “With the seminar we were able to show our customers what possibilities they have when looking for solutions in thermos processing plants.”